Powering Up A Conventional Swing

This video is for players that swing with a general convention of traditional type swing mechanics… and I make that distinction in the video… its not relative to the Davinci Code mechanics and because I teach a lot of conventional mechanics to my general roster students it was a reinforcement of general compound reverse sequencing of the backswing to downswing.

You know I have heard the term ‘stuck’ for a long time now … Butch Harmon was the first to use the description and frankly I believe it was just something Butch conjured up so as to have a terminology that was associated with him and his notoriety.

I have stood beside Butch and listened to him demonstrate what getting stuck is … but I have never seen him do the process in anything but slow motion or half swing sequence which simply does not incorporate the dynamics of the mass of the body under displacement torque forces … or more simply put the body trying to shed itself or excessive torque build up .

I think if we want to use as a model Harmon’s opinion of getting ‘stuck’ in the Golf swing we should look no further than Ben Hogan… no one got the hips out of the way earlier than he did ..and he did it radially to the excess … and no one has come from such a more ‘supposedly ‘stuck’ position than he did… ( Sergio is actually coming from a more ‘Stuck’ position than Hogan) he did however do what I suggest players do in this video… and that is ‘shift’ before posting … I make absolute reference to that requirement in the video.

You will only become ‘stuck’ as Harmon says if you do not ‘shift’ before posting… so much is referred to in general Tour events these days by commentators to getting players getting ‘stuck’ and blaming it on what Harmon has suggested when clearly in almost all cases the swings are just poorly timed sequencing of the players general swing mechanics.

Ok I agree with you that there is a potential for the lesser quality swing mechanics player to just rip the lead hip around behind them without any lateral shifting before posting up on the lead hip/leg … but that is why I explain the need to shift before posting. I know exactly where you are coming from and I agree with what you say ‘can’ happen if players do not understand the correct process of sequential torque release in the downswing… the suggestion in the video is as are as are all my videos a superficial overview of the general required applied mechanics of a specific action or process…

You are clearly someone who understands the potentials for incorrect ‘thinking’ by players in their Golf swings… and for someone like me as teacher it is my responsibility to clear up the incorrect thinking application of the player by demonstrating the misconceptions of the process thinking with my explanation demonstrations… albeit in the abridged form that takes place in videos of this kind…. keep the content coming… its good stuff. cheers JH