4 Responses to “‘Putting It Together’ Non Negotiable’ s no 1.”

  1. <path_to_url> tony. rob

    Hi JHI have watched your videos with great interest and have adopted a
    shortened backswing.I am hitting the ball with so much more power because
    the timing for me is vastly betterI am nearly 68 and am hitting 7 iron wind
    against with a ping i5 (not a modern club) 140 yards . The flight is
    drilling and high, probably too high for a shot into the wind. With no wind
    can hit it 150 yards plus, with regularity. I am so pleased I found your
    channel many thanks keep them coming.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Tony,
      That’s great news that you are hitting the ball stronger with a ‘shorter’
      swing, the equation of ‘more’ speed equals extra distance is not always
      You can have a ‘lower’ club head speed if your impact is more efficient and
      you can hit the ball further than by having more club head speed and poor
      impact efficiency, I have found that absolutely with my own swing,
      To be able to carry the ball 150 yards with a 7 iron with a short swing is
      absolute proof of the capability of the shorter swing, I bet your accuracy
      has improved somewhat as well.
      regards JH.

  2. <path_to_url> Mark Sherer

    Moe says his power came from pulling with the left, but I have found the
    swing at least 15 yards longer and a ton higher using the right arm
    extension into the ball as you show here….as some teach in this type
    swing a folding of the right arm and extending it back into the ball
    (inside to out swing path) does work well.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Mark,
      Moe did say he pulled very hard with his left hand/arm…and he did because
      he was ‘left handed’…however like all good ball strikers he hit very hard
      with his trail hand/arm ( right hand for Moe) because it contributes most
      of the power in the golf swing, it does that because it is coming from a
      ‘hinged’ position to a straightened position , unlike the lead arm which is
      only a radius lock because it doesn’t bend and have any hinges that can be
      straightened on the downswing.
      Sure the lead arm wrist hinges but it provides little speed or power when
      connected to a non hinged arm, as evidenced when you swing a club using
      only the lead arm, the straightening of the trail forearm down on top the
      trail wrist hinge is the true power source provider with a considered
      percentage value range of around 75-80% of all club head speed.
      Moe hit very hard with his right hand/forearm as can be seen from DTL views
      of his club head releasing very aggressively to the left of the flight
      line..the same type of release visual you see in 99% of tour players, I
      broached the specific subject of the avocation Moe extolled of the
      importance he placed on ‘pulling’ with his left hand/arm , he said it was
      for him a way of delaying the hit with right hand/arm as long as he could
      so as to increase his ability to fully utilize his trail arm/hand
      application to the ball.
      Because Moe’s normal; dominant arm was his left because he was left handed
      he felt it was the dominant force in his downswing, but because it didnt
      have the hinge storage capabilities of his trail arm , I got him to hit
      some shots with his left arm only and like everyone else he had very little
      power/speed compared to when he used his right hand/arm in conjunction as
      he did in his normal swing.
      So it can be confusing on occasions when you hear Moe say what he does
      about the importance of his lead arm/hand in his swing speed/power
      regards JH