Reflexology and Parametric Acceleration Davinci Code

Lee Comeaux said that you are going down a dead end and I quote, “Now knowing the reflexology of the rest is what unlocks your ability to look normal and make a full motion. Biomechanical structural feel and functions will never get you anywhere but lost and contrived .

So JH here’s a huge hint. There is reflexology and parametric acceleration and I can get my club head speed as high as 155 using reflexology and never get hurt or be hurt. As if parametric acceleration it’s total bullshit and tears your spine to shreds and cannot produce 155 as I’ve done it that way and it’s a total joke and irrelevant. “

Take a close look at his grip. Learn to sling. Watch his left heel. Don’t let the left shoulder turn passed the ball. etc.

I appreciate your suggestions and concerns… if you are referring to ‘Reflexology’ … or as it is commonly know.. ‘Zone Therapy’… as a means to increase my resistance to injuries as a result of my Golf Swing specific swing type mechanics application it wouldn’t be that much help…all the injuries I get are from self inflicted ‘over training’ in the Gym … not by swinging a golf club.

What I am trying to do with the Davinci Code Swing is eliminate some of the range of motion requirements for swinging the club… no amount of any type of therapy application is going to transform a 76 year old set of musculature into that of a 35 year old physiological level of condition …. Sarcopenia is a fact of life when you get to my age…muscle fibers lose their Adenosine Triphospate amounts because Mitochondria levels are reducing with age ….its a biological fact of life .

I see lots of old guys in the Yoga cl;asses at the Gym and not one of the 70+ year old guys has anywhere near the flexibility or orange of motion of the younger guys… At my age its way more beneficial to increase my bone density levels through resistance training than to increase my flexibility levels which is why on key on strength training as apposed to flexibility training.

I know Lee keys on microfiber adhesion release therapy which is very good for increasing ranges of flexibility … and when you look at Lee’s swing process it revolves around significant ranges of motion for his limbs and torso … I know he says he doesn’t think about turning at all but clearly he does and makes a big shoulder turn which in turn gets his arms a long way back in the swing and lets his wrists drop the club head a long way from the left side of his head which clearly develops a significantly long travel of the club head which in turn develops a lot of speed because of the distance the club travels during its speed building journey.

I physically cannot get my hands back as far as Lee because my lats and rhomboids are just not flexible because of the type of training I do … so I can think all I like about doing something of a particular nature but it simply will not happen because I just do not have the range of flexibility required to perform the range of movement. a swing like Lee’s has.

Its body horses for courses… if I asked Lee or maybe even yourself to do one on my Gym exercises .. like for instance 50 reps of feet inclined at 40 degs full body pushups… I don’t know about you but I would suspect Lee couldn’t do that because he doesn’t have the ration of strength in his required body components to perform the specific type of body exercise motion … I can do that exercise easily because I have the muscle configuration for that exercise , yet I cannot get my arms any higher than about 60 degs in my golf back swing…

The davinci Code Swing is for people with less than great ranges of flexibility…. it will never develop the power or speed that CMotion can/does … but then there are very few people with Lee’s range of flexibility to be able to apply the total format mechanics of CMotion… heck I wish I could… who wouldn’t want to get the club head moving as quick as Lee moves it. cheers Jh