Robert Johansson Demonstrates C Motion Golf Swing

Interesting concept, Robert, on pulling the butt end to the left and pushing the clubhead down to the ground, intending outside of the right foot. Could you please elaborate on difference between triceps pulling and biceps pulling? To my understanding triceps activation straightens the arm by pulling on the bones.

That would be the down part. The biceps does more or less the opposite and keeps the arms bent. That would be the butt end to left side part. Is that correct or what am I missing here? Btw, what clubhead speed does Hans generate with a driver? He looks pretty strong…

This is a reference to CMotion, in a pull up you pull and in a push up you push. golf swing wise its a pull in the majority of the path up and to release as some additional push would happen with underarm and hands. if biceps engage while triceps fire your in trouble in the pull part. Hans swing is a Mike Austin template and no real idea what swing speed he has. He can hit a 2i 280+ yards