Robert Johansson Unique Golf Grip

I make you better its what I do.
This showcase my grip and the take away that works.
Due to health issues I kept this short and to a minimum.

Brains and habits takes time to build the needed neural pathways.
3 weeks daily is a minimum to do something due to usually it feels wrong as people been told to rotate when that is 100% wrong.

So your likely to develop a bad habit to be on the inside way to much thinking your doing things correctly when your not due to modern golf teachers don’t understand what they are doing.

After 3 weeks or during that what felt at first wrong, awkward etc…will start to feel more natural and normal aka comfortable.

Building a new skills takes time and if you try to change this while swinging it wont work so well.

Follow the instruction works.

My grip allows people to feel the release of the clubhead which isn’t possible with other grips. That alone is tragic that these guys that teach tour pros don’t know that. Main reason for lack of improvement is proper feedback.