Robs Back Swing Takeaway Notes

Some Notes On Robs Take Away

Really badly due to the golf instructors are misinformed and teach what creates problems.

I teach “what works” as I figured that out that golf instructors haven’t been able to after 120 years in the modern golf era.

The way your taught cause problems due to your told to do things the wrong way.

The golf experts at golfwrx, sandtrap golf forums etc…think those instructors knows what they are doing teaching tour pros. The truth is, they don’t.

Now we have everyone struggling with golf and you then are trying to fix that by the same instruction and instructors that causes you to struggle in the first place….its tragically funny.

Some say they are the best golf instructors in the world or on YouTube but it means nothing really. Its the same shit with a different name.

My instruction works as it wont lead to fixing a problem like everyone else teaches golf today does About the push and muscles

I am Rob, you know, I’m going to make you better. That’s what I do. Now I presented the takeaway, right? And it’s the first take where you know, over 420 years of modern golf than actual worlds. Most people don’t know that.

But the grip forces you to have a compensation and fix trying to fix up a hell of a release to impact Bolling of race and such. That means more time and more coordination.

Second thing people teach you to have within the take away when you have within the takeaway or keep your left arm straight going to push her off the body in that direction and you push apart in that direction by following the modern golf instruction the power to tell you that right,

That means that you’re going to push upon in that direction and immediately be in the wrong position at the top. My takeaway by having us capitol contraction sitting down and lift your arms like that put upon in the optimal position every time during that drill.

Once you have that, then you’re doing a lift the upper body still think the lower body has to respond to that shift. Anyway. Everybody teaching golf wrong, the teacher concept concept, your framework that doesn’t work. It’s built on gasses and usually this, it should work, that should work, should work when it doesn’t what are you gonna do? Well, most people not doing the same thing like everybody else and I think it’s a secret No, it’s no secret there is bad instruction, incompetent instructors that doesn’t understand the golf swing

Now you start now you struggle and then you’re trying to figure out the secret, right? There must be a secret, you know, it’s just bad distraction once you understand this and you’re going to be in the perfect position with our whatever you call it, weight distribution, weight pressure, weightlifter, whatever, that’s how it works, you can’t teach us that because if you tell you to have to think about, you have to push, that’s how it works and then you automatically will be in the wrong position.

It’s kind of amazing really that golf instruction then you have amateurs telling us what to do. All the release as you should push off with your feet, your toes or something like that, this is your stupidity there right there.

The only instruction in the world that works in the takeaway is mine, everybody else teacher wrong and they have no idea they’re doing it, that’s how fucked up golf instruction is in the world. I don’t know what to say, it’s just a mess and they don’t know it pG education doesn’t work so well because they don’t understand what they’re teaching people doesn’t really work and there’s not been any clarity on that has not been any real science because everybody is misunderstanding the concept and then we have the situation we have so yeah, it is what it is and then people can teach us, you know, the basic stuff just keep us, you know got a question from a member because he was telling me yeah, but there was a push and he has told them there is no push the human body there is you know, see emotion, people’s ability to push them.

That’s not you can’t do that, it’s impossible. Human body is built like this. You have a bicep tricep miles of light. That means that if you want to do that with your arm you’re going to use your biceps that’s pulling your arm into that position and then you’re gonna call with the triceps straighten your amount.

That’s a that’s a you can simplify it and do more pull external, external. That makes it more in decline where the you know how the gospel works. But anyone who tells you to push you can’t do that, the human body can’t push the muscles, it’s impossible. It’s only it’s going to be a pole four.

There is no push and people are telling you to push. What’s going to happen is that anatomically speaking, when you push you’re gonna use your biceps and triceps at the same time.

That means you’re gonna engage antagonist muscles. That means the opposite group, group of music, you know muscles. If you’re trying to extend your arms, pull your arm up. If you try only that’s good.

But if you try to push now you’re gonna go slower because the bicep muscles would engage also really trying to push trying to push and trying to push it.

You know what he was using triceps, triceps, extend pull that support and then I’m trying to push, trying to push, trying to push, it goes slower.

Anyone tells you to push. I do not understand how the body works okay, because the body can’t push, there’s always gonna be a pool and you can add extra in the God’s will. And that concludes today’s information because I wanted to add something because a lot of people, I don’t understand that what you do in the takeaway is a lift.

That’s why I teach this stuff. There is no dead, There is no left arm straight. All that instruction do the opposite what you should do in the takeaway.

Golf instructor doesn’t know that. So their instruction goes totally opposite. What should happen in the takeaway alone and if you can get the take away from you can get the grip wrong. How many other things are gonna get wrong? Mm hmm.

It’s a lot of stuff out there in the world. That’s really, really a mess, right? He’s not pushed. It’s all our fault. That’s how it works.

I know there is going to be a lot of people saying that’s camp a true that they must know what they’re doing because you pay them a lot of money and so on.

They can’t be, you know, incompetent, they don’t understand the goals. Of course I understand what people say that they’re still wrong and that’s the problem.

The reason why, for example, our legs down, that means that your body is in the wrong position and what people want to do is to develop a solution, right? So if you have your thumb on the shaft, there’s a solution people do is to start extending the left arm and hand and then started to create a hell of release.

That’s just illusion. But that adds timing.

That is coordination and you still flip to have raised over the solution doesn’t work so well, it creates a problem in itself. So I teach you, you know, so people can okay, put the thumb on the side do that now the hand, the wrist can release naturally, but after you need to do anything extra, there is no problem to solve.

It just works and that’s what I did. But take away just works because you put your body in an open opposition, they can’t teach you that the best of the best in golf, so so to speak. They’re teaching to approach can teach you that. You can’t teach to proves that even they get it wrong.

Then you and me and everybody else has an amateur are going to be stuck in struggling and then you’re going to think must be a secret that I can understand them