Simple System Golf Swing

That’s not Moe, Moe used his big toes Hogan on the other hand kept his pressure on his heels the entire motion. Again it’s anatomical trains and how the heels signal the pelvis and spine . Also the stirrups of the tissues all come up the back and side of the heel and leg.

The choking up is part coupling point and part posture but it’s mostly posture . Getting better but there’s still way easier but your heading in the right direction . Just over focusing on the back of feet.

The weight in your feet is now on all three points of the foot tripod and the human foot properly set is heels the low point and the front of foot sits higher and the foot also sits on a incline out… stop saying Moe your doing Hogan Moe was Big toes and totally wrong way to do it. Why he talked in riddles.

Hey Lee, I was personally privy to some of those ‘Riddles’ of Moe’s…along with specific physical explanations and demonstrations of what he did in his swing according to him… one thing that cemented my conviction of him being a ‘heel’ weighting player was his showing me how he sat into his heels as he started his downswing…he demonstrated hanging his butt out behind him by lowering the angle of his thighs from the top of the backswing which were around 75 degs to 45 degs when the club was at hip height coming down and his buttocks moving from just in line with the back of his heels at the top of the swing to being way behind the heels at impact.

He said that he felt he had a 20lb bowling ball hanging off a chain connected to his belt right in the middle of his buttocks as he hit the ball…. I don’t know how he toe weighted with that anatomical disposition in place well how did he keep his left knee inside his right at impact with toe weighting application… as well his ‘vertical’ drop was just that ..’Vertical’ ….the drop was actually ‘rearward’ which drove his stabilising weight force into his heels …as well you cant roll your trail ankle with toe weighting.

I know what Moe did because he stood in front of me in his impact position and said ..’where do you see my weight force being applied… look its moving ‘away’ from the ball at impact…not to it’….he was simply applying a ‘counterbalancing’ rearward mass force to the outward moving mass force of the arms/hands going towards the ball… he ‘told’ me what he was doing … and he physically ‘showed’ me how he did it. All ‘Riddles’ can be deciphered… if you have a ‘ciphering code’… and I did. cheers JH