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Hitting into the net using Dan Shaugers Golf Swing

Hitting into the net using Dan Shaugers Golf Swing. My home golf net I use to practice Dan Shaugers Modern Mike Austin golf swing. I hit the first 2 shots in the same place and the other 2 were either side of the target. Dan Shaugers golf swing method using the conical action of the… Read more »

Golf Instruction Books and Dvd’s By Dan Shauger

Golf Instruction Books and Dvd's by Dan Shauger can be brought at Amazon or at Dan's new website. Click the link to visit Dan Shaugers new online golf instruction course. Guaranteed to Change Your Game Forever Dan has sold thousands of DVD's over the years with a money back guarantee, we're confident that you will… Read more »

Dan Shauger Golf Swing Set Up

Golf swing set up. A set up that you could use in your golf swing if learning the golf swing. Adding a tilt to your set up will also help to maintain proper balance in your golf swing. If you ever dreamed about hitting the golf ball over 300 yards the golf instruction method written… Read more »

Number 7 position in golf swing

Click this link for more online lessons. The actual 7 position is made between the arm and shoulder, I am demonstrating how to use the club shaft in a similar way. The number 7 position is between the shoulder line and the upper left arm for right handed players,it is not the angle between the… Read more »