The Basic’s for beginners

Golf Direction By Dan Shauger for Beginners. Check out Dans new web site as well as online golf guideline training program. Click the connect to see exactly what Dan Shaugers brand-new website has to do with.

Dan Shauger has actually created a great on-line source for you to discover the Mike Austin golf direction method.

William Wetere/Dan Shauger
Trainer: Dan Shauger/William Wetere

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  2. <path_to_url> bigboycat1

    Dan has a golf swing that you dont roll over your hands thur this new golf
    swing. You use your for mor power and accuracy, and you hit the golf ball
    off the right side of the body, Dan has a new golf device coming soon that
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  3. <path_to_url> dinorell

    Great lesson, thanks for uploading.