The Core Fundamental Of Channel Lock Swing

I tried out the swing today and it felt weird until I swung, I had some of the straightest ball flight ever! I started to think:

This must be a very tiny taste of what Moe Norman must have felt with every swing

I hit my 7 iron very well, but occasionally hit the ball fat. My 3 iron I hit fat ALOT. Any thoughts as to why? I think I may have the ball too far back, not sure. I can’t believe how amazing this swing feels and I am only just starting with it!!!

Thanks for the videos JH!, I feel like this swing will be up there with Moe Norman, and Count Yogi!

All the best!

The ball is not ‘to far’ back ..probably not back ‘enough’ in reality.
Hitting the ball fat will come about as a result of the trail shoulder not being kept back and closed coming into impact …fat shots are usually steep attack angles as well ..if you really keep the shoulders closed and the chin riveted back at impact you will not be steep into the ball ..just try what you think is a crazy back positioned ball at probably will end up only being where you really need it to be..its just that you have never experienced a ball position requirement of the extreme nature as this is and your brain initially just won’t comply with the extreme requirement difference of the ball position..

Just play the ball way back and and hit some half shots keeping you head riveted back in place and the shoulders closed way up at impact.. don’t look for the ball for 2 secs after impact…keep the closed up finish position for a while after impact…that will give you the feeling of the extreme difference you need to apply in this swing.

I have hit probably 5000 shots with the swing now and haven’t hit ‘one’ to the left of the target line as a pull/drag shot .. and I know I never will as long as I apply the mechanic’s protocol correctly every time.
cheers Jh

Hey J.H.! If you want to know exactly what angle your feet are at, try this: With your feet under your armpits, and your feet parallel, if you step forward with your left foot half the length of your foot, you’re at 45 degrees relative to the parallel foot stance you were just at; a quarter of your foot length is 22.5, and 3/4’s of your foot length forward is 67.5.

For those who want to know what angle their foot is ‘turned’ to, if your foot looks be at 10 o’clock (or 2 o’clock), then it’s 30 degrees relative to parallel (or 9 o’clock); at 11 (or 1), it’s 60 degrees.

Based on some of the footage I’ve seen of you, your feet are pretty close to 45 degrees (from a line perpendicular to the target line). And you say you set up closed to the target line, but at impact your shoulders are parallel to the target line. So you may set up a few degrees closed to the target line, but impact doesn’t lie, especially if there is no curve to the ball you’re hitting and your on target.

Of course, your right in that everyone will have a different setup point to swing from. But since very few people carry a protractor anymore, I hope my “quick and dirty” method will help.

The end resultant of the swing mechanics/geometry is to arrive at impact with a closed shoulder line which has to deliver the club from one direction only to out… the ‘degree’ of in to out is proportional to how the ball is tracking relative to its target direction actuality.

You are not understanding my ‘address’ positioning to ‘impact’ positioning of the shoulder girdle settings.. what you are seeing at address is a partly initiated backswing because of the ‘back cocking’ of the shoulders.. ..that address angle is not my ‘impact’ angle.

As well you say ‘impact doesn’t lie’.. and for all intents and purposes you are correct..however in this case as I am hitting the ball straight to the target it is not actually a ‘straight’ to the target geometry application… my club is traveling in to out at impact .. therefore if I was shoulder aligned parallel to the target line the ball would go to the right of the target ..Elementary path direction influence.

For my club to be traveling in to out at impact (which it does categorically) and my ball flight to be tracking straight to the target ( or slightly drawing back to it) I have to be actually be aligned a bit left of the target at impact and my ball flight is in reality from a technically correct geometry perspective a ‘straight push’ to the target…

These mechanics are not easy to digest and understand …however, the simplicity of them is just the indisputable laws of club path and face application to the ball at impact and an easier way of guaranteeing those laws are consistently applied in the same manner every time.

What I am trying to do with the setup procedure for players is to simplify the procedure to that of ‘abouts’ rather than absolute specification numbers… the ‘Core principals’ are the objective at the end of the you get those ‘Core principals’ in place are pursuant to individual trial and error testing.. one mans ’45 degs’ can be another mans ’65 degs’ ..or ’25 degs’ etc etc.
The process is non-negotiable in the ‘Core Principles’ has margins of flexibility in the other preparatory facets of the Core Principals.
cheers Jh