The Finished Product Chanel Lock Swing DTL View

HI AGAIN JH. I have been practicing this action since my last comment and I have been striking the ball very well. I still have some trouble with longer irons but a 3 hybrid worked very well. I tried to test it against the conventional set up but that felt very strange now. There is no way my brain wants me to swing that way.

This Chanel Lock swing has me hooked. I find it so easy to hit the ball this way. Less thin shots, less fat shots. The pulling action added another dimension to make this swing easier to get the club to release. There is no way I will ever go back to a conventional swing. I love this idea. Pure genius.

Many thanks . Tony P.S. I moved the left foot from the open position as you appear to do and it feels and looks like Hogan’s feet alignment both toes pointed slightly towards target.but still an open position. Hope that makes sense. Still staying closed locked shoulders for the strike. Is this ok? thanks

Absolutely ok to keep the shoulders closed/locked back for the fact its what you ‘have’ to do to maintain the channel lock path for the club to the ball… I will be doing a video with some drills to help you with that hopefully in the next couple of days… My audio transmitter for my remote video recording expired today and I can’t get another until the end of next week but I may be able to scrape through with one of my old boom microphones ..I will see if one of them is still ok and working.

I know what you mean about setting up with the old conventional forward ball position and how bad it feels after the Channel Lock back ball positioning… I could never go back to a forward ball position …I feel totally unbalanced setting up to a forward ball position now.
cheers JH

J H i told myself i was not going to try this but i gave in to it ,took a wedge over the park and hit some good shots so came back got the six iron and was blown a way . Balls landing 4 feet from each other,just had to try the 3 wood and hit with a 5 yard draw.I even got my 23 year old son in on it and he was hitting 8 irons out of the middle and now the hard work starts . cheers rex

Believe me ..this swing is the ‘real deal’…I hit exactly the same starting direction shots every time now… just to show a guy the accuracy of the swing yesterday I hit 20 pitch shots from 110 yards virtually rapid fire and every one was inside a 20ft circle and 2 hit the flag…it was like the swing is a virtual program ‘entity’ in that it just does the same thing every time if you apply it in the correct sequence protocol.

You have seen a lot of different swing types from me on my channel before..but I can assure you if I had found this swing some time ago you would never have seen the ‘searching experimental’ range of swings that I was forced to come up with in my quest for the ‘Right’ swing type that I instinctively knew had to be out there.

How I continue my channel now in the vein it has always been which was, of course, that of ‘looking’ for the ‘best’ way to swing a Golf Club… I have that now…so it will I guess be all about refining the specifics to suit individual players differences of physicality etc..there will be the nuances of the short shots and shot shaping that will need to be addressed so there will still be plenty to keep me occupied no doubt…
cheers JH