The Quantum Putter – Best Putter?

Full length view of the Quantum Putter from top to bottom. At top you see the Quantum Grip is a major improvement over other putters. It is symmetrical,tactile,impervious to moisture, and basic black.


Between the grip and head is Quantum’s perfectly straight black shaft which is sturdy and vectors precisely into the center of mass of the head – another key factor that makes Quantum Putter superior to other putters.

At bottom you see the elegant black and silver business end of the Quantum Putter. What you can’t see, but what you will feel as soon as you put it in your hands, is the massiveness of the head – this is what makes the Quantum Putter superior to other putters in delivering a smooth sure stroke.


As you can see in the video the putter creates true roll on the ball making it more accurate when direction and aim is important. Less skidding means a more accurate putt.




This view shows the soothing uncluttered appearance of the Quantum Putter – important for precision putting because it eases mental tension which creates stress during setup and causes the dreaded yips.




Shows patented glider of the Quantum Putter. An important and unique performance improvement lacking in other putters. It eliminates leading edge bite and trailing edge bounce, minimizes friction, and keeps stroke perpendicular with intended line.

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