The Release- Bradley Hughes Golf

How to properly release the golf through impact and beyond so we can keep control of the clubface and utilize our body to create speed instead of using the hands to be the only things that keep the club moving.

Followed some other instruction method I have be faithful to but as of today I am starting over. I read Hogan’s book and seen the flatter swing plane is way better for me, but all this other stuff of so called ‘instruction” has done me no good! Brad you make more sense to me than anyone I have ever watched, you tell us how to instead of you need to do it this way

How pure is this, coming from a real player. To me a proper golf swing is similar to that of any other sport that requires a swinging motion, ie baseball, cricket, tennis, etc.

All involve rotation from ground up and controlled by the bigger, core muscles in the body rather than the hands and arms, although it might look different because it’s swung on a more upright plane and a tad more difficult as the point of contact with the ball is not the shaft but a clubhead that extends out from the shaft.

I’ve spent tens of thousands (probably enough to afford a new small car) on lessons with four different coaches in Melbourne over a decade, two of whom coach tour players, but they never taught me how a proper swing should feel like (or maybe they did, but I never understood it as they intended).

I think it’s invaluable to get tips like these from a touring pro like Brad. I spent much time trying to learn from watching how others swing, but the difficulty with that, for me anyway, was that because we view swings from (typically) down the line or from the front, often it gives false perception of the swing.

I think people talking about conscious hip rotation, release of the club, rotation of the forearm, conscious cocking, lag, etc are turning golf into some sort of academic discipline.

Many YouTube clips are a case in point. I think too many people waste their time and effort on hitting the ‘correct’ positions and analysing their swings in bits with meaningless slow replay.

Just wanted to share with those in search of the right ‘feel’ like myself. Perhaps I’m generalising, but anyone who can use their body to ‘swing’ an object should be able to develop a decent swing. Unfortunately most of us become so obsessed with the correct swing that we end up deserting our short game.

Thanks for posting Brad, hopefully I would get an opportunity to see you for a lesson when I return to Australia.

And almost forgot to mention the footage of Hogan – simply gold.

This is the only teacher actually teaching what to do and how to do it correctly, rather than what not to do, like so many others. Most people won’t believe what he’s saying because they’ve never heard it before but it’s the truth that few people actually understand.

Every great player does these things with or without knowing or understanding them. They’re all very natural and children do them without thinking but adults, well, we over-think everything without even knowing it, and that’s what makes people such bad golfers.

Most people are trying to outwit or outthink the physics they don’t understand and cheat that ball into flying straight. No matter how hard you try it will never work. When you first start to learn the techniques Bradley is teaching you can’t believe they work because it’s so much different from what you’ve been doing, but they do work.

Once you finally get a real golf swing you won’t believe how easy it is and how hard you were making it before. It all makes sense and you wonder how you could ever have believed otherwise. When you try to explain it to someone they’ll think you’re nuts.