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  1. <path_to_url> P SMITH

    Hi JH – Fascinating stuff on the evolution of your Moe hybrid swing. I
    can’t help but see similarities between Moe’s swing and the technique that
    Tom Tomasello advocated for a ‘right arm’ swinging technique. One of the
    main differences is the width of the stance, because Tom said that a narrow
    stance allowed freedom to move through post impact and allow the head to
    move over. The ‘butting’ move was more akin to throwing your upper right
    arm and both forearms ‘down and out’ on the swing plane (just like a karate
    chop). This move was done at the start of the downswing to increase the
    speed of the clubhead and then let gravity take hold to accelerate the
    clubhead even more by passive release of the wrists but still feel that
    push of the right hand to keep up with the left hand/arm through impact
    (ie. to help with that late hit). The other big difference is that sit down
    move into the left buttock which I can’t do because it sort of locks my
    front hip (fully internally rotated) and delays me trying to get it ‘out of
    the way’ in the downswing. Imho, I agree with you that not many people can
    do that lateral slide that Moe did . When looking DTL at how Moe finished
    in the follow-through it looks quite a difficult move to suddenly stop the
    swing progressing on that ‘single’ plane and then bringing it up more
    vertically into the finish. For me personally , a ‘reactive pivot’ using
    the throwing of the forearms ‘down and out’ while my hips are still turned
    (or closed ) suits me better than an ‘active’ sit down/pivot move. Whenever
    I try to do an active hip move , it turns my shoulder immediately because I
    don’t have the hula-hula flexibility in the spine between my hips and

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Keith,
      Its definately horses for courses relative to how individuals can apply any
      of the Moe mechanics, I personally do not have the hip extensor flexibility
      I need to get s laterally forward enough and stay down in the shot as much
      as I would like to.
      I think a lot of the problems people have generally with Moe’s swing is the
      perception of his through swing, you yourself see it going from a circular
      motion to the ball then moving lineally through the ball and ‘Up’ to the
      finish, Moe swung the club in a semi circle like every other player, he had
      forearm rotation like every other player, in fact post impact if yo look
      from above his swing his arms were going left just as aggressively as any
      other player with a conventional swing type.
      I think the perception of thinking that the club goes down the line after
      impact kills most players chances of using Moe’s swing type,
      http://www.kuykendallgolf.com/members/MemberFiles/31-637.pdf…this page of
      pictures if you scroll down to near the bottom you will see how much Moe
      rotates his foreams through the ball which is indicative of the club head
      moving in a semi circle ‘around’ his body on nthe follow throgh, he pulls
      the club back from its semi circle finish position to an uprioght plane
      position at the finish of his swing which visually confuses everyone.
      As well if you look at the impact pictures of Moe even at the age he was in
      the pictures he had incredible hip extensor flexibility and lower back
      muscle flexibility, to keep his head over his right knee and get as much
      lateral side bend as he did is individual specific clearly.
      I would love to increase me side bend flexibility to get where he gets at
      impact, I am actually working on some machines at the Gym to get an
      increase in hip extensor flexibility and lower back flexibility, if I can
      get an empty Gym I will do some video on the exercises.
      cheers JH

    • <path_to_url> P SMITH

      Played extremely well today using that ‘karate chop’ feeling with a hinged
      right hand. Was close to hitting 78 but poor decision making rather than
      any loose strikes cost me two 8’s on a par 5 and par 4 hole (finished with
      an 84). It was probably the most effortless game of golf I’ve ever played
      and I distinctly felt a successful Moe type 6 iron swing on a 162 yd par 3
      where I finished just like you (completely in balance with front knee bent)
      – felt great but I didn’t know how I did it – it just happened. Weird.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Keith,
      The real secret of the Golf Swing is just knowing absolutely what you did
      when you hit the ball as you want to, I think Hogan and Moe Norman truly
      knew how their swings worked, and Nicklaus did as well.
      Its tough at the amateur club player level to have the time resources to
      practice with the commitment and investigation to be able to work out how
      the swing operates precisely when you do hit the good shot, translating the
      ‘feel’ of a good shot into the actual applied mechanics of the shot is as I
      said earlier the true ‘Secret’.
      Having said all that you have ‘felt’ what the swing ‘can’ do so its worth
      the effort tracking down the true ’cause’ of the good shot.
      cheers JH

  2. <path_to_url> Thomas Slagle

    This is the most “Moeish” I’ve seen you swing. It almost looks like the
    left shoulder remains higher than the right all the way to the top. Do you
    have that sensation?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Thomas’
      The left shoulder up is a result of trying to keep the shoulders closed at
      impact, as well the external rotation of the right humerus and the palm
      ‘up’ of the right hand during that rotation keeps the right shoulder back
      and down which elevates the left shoulder as a consequence.
      cheers JH