Ultimate Slap Down Golf Swing

Lee has the most efficient rotary swing dynamics of ‘anyone’ who has ever swung a Golf club…. no one has ever swung the club with his level of unimpeded dynamics…. once he starts the ‘dominoes’ falling in his swing nothing ever gets in their way….he needs to get worldwide recognition for his swing dynamics, they are IMO the best interconnecting chain of human body parts ever assembled into a Golf Swing..
cheers Jh

Great to heart from you, I have been a big fan of yours from the initial ‘Secret In The Dirt ‘ days, I know what you had to put up with from people on forums and as I said I totally understood and supported your decision to withdraw from public debate.
I am always amazed at how people can bite the extended hand of help and understanding when that help and understanding is being provided with absolutely no personal agenda intention gains .

There are a handful of individuals like you in the entire World of Golf instruction, my good friend Martin Ayres is like you as well and he has had his share of maligning and criticism , the crazy thing is that the criticism comes from a total lack of understanding by those individuals to disseminate the pearls of wisdom of Golf Swing mechanics that you guys are advocating.

Those people should encourage you guys to bestow your unique insights of Golf Swing mechanics and revel in that uniqueness because it is so rare an event in the world of Golf Instruction these days.

Just great to hear from as I said earlier, and I totally understand you saying that there are sometimes no ‘words’ to explain feelings or actions, Marty went through that with his process, still is …. I certainly struggle with descriptive s with my own stuff , and hey my stuff is nowhere near as in depth or intrinsic in its depth of mechanics refinement as your swing ‘Particles’ are.
cheers jH

My driver swing speed is around 95/96 mph normally… 100 mph is maximum for me…. its surprising when you get swing speed tested most times how the swing speed is nowhere near where we think it would be…. I get reasonable distance with my lower swing speed because I tend to hit the ball pretty square most of the time and my transfer of energy is quite efficient.
A lot of the people that come to me for lessons have way higher swing speeds than me but dont hit the ball any further because they dont have centered hits .I dont try to hit the driver overly hard because I want to have good balance at impact and hit the fairway at a reasonable distance rather than a longer distance in the rough..or water.
cheers Jh