How to Wind Up Your Right Forearm to the Throwing Position – Dan Explains


With this swing, you are not going to be actively retaining lag. It might appear as if we have held the lag to an observer, but that is an illusion created by the pivot.

Instead of holding the lag, you will actually be trying to get rid of it. You will throw the club with the right hand. You will throw it, against the tension of the left arm, out into the arc of the swing, like a tether ball around a pole. The left arm is relaxed but taut, as if it is a leather strap stretched from the left shoulder to the end of the club.

At the top of the backswing, we pivot the weight to the left while throwing the club BACKWARDS. If you were standing in the middle of a giant clock with 9:00 as the target, you would throw the club toward 4:00 at the top of the backswing. The swing plane rotates during the swing, so we must not throw the club toward 3:00. If you do, you will be over the top and dead.

It will feel as if you are throwing the club to the right of the target, not down the target line. The pivot will square the body up to the target right before impact, but that will happen on it’s own. You don’t make any effort to turn at all.

The pivot is a movement of weight with the lower body, the upper body isn’t involved in the swing. No effort should be made to open up the shoulders.

Once the throw has started, the pivot must not stop, or the tautness of the left arm will be lost, which will cause multiple problems. We must retain the taut left arm through impact.

The swing only has two parts. The pivot and the throw. The pivot moves the left shoulder during the swing. Our “leather strap” connects the club to the left shoulder. Then we throw the club around the pivot with the right hand. Done correctly, it provides easy distance and great accuracy.