Mike Austin Short Game


After converting to the Honda grip, I felt like every shot around the green was I could make. Direction wise, it has been very accurate all the way up to 70 yard pitch shots.

To quickly review the setup. Stick your hands out in front of you vertically where your thumbs pointing up, skyward. Your left hand action is straight up and down, 12 to 6 o’clock direction called radial/ulnar deviation. Your right hand action is the opposite, palmar/dorsal flexion. It goes 3-to-9 o’clock direction using your wrist like a door hinge.

So I basically set the left hand on the grip by turning it clockwise until the thumb is sitting at the 3 o’clock position. The right hand is the standard neutral grip with the thumb sitting slightly left on top of the grip. Picture your hands looking like –|.

I’d pick out a spot on the green to land the ball and try to toss the ball to that spot with my right hand. Since I am using a wedge, my left hand would be sittling practically right on the target line, with my right palm facing the target.

I don’t have active action with the left hand, it’s natural 3-to-9 o’clock action keeps the shot on line. The right hand simply hinges and try to toss the ball to the target with the palm facing it.