William Wetere Scores Albatross

On the 6th June 2015 I scored my first ever Albatross on the 13th hole at Te Awamutu Golf course. The 13th is a Par 5 with a dog leg. Though only 404 metres it is still a challenge for most golfers to get there in 2.

I used a driver and a 21 degree hybrid for my 2nd shot. It hit the front of the green and ran up into the cup.


I had a great day scoring a 2 over score of 72.

The Meaning Of an Albatross in Golf

Albatross is the term for three under par and is a continuation of the birdie and eagle theme, but is in fact a British term. Ab Smith said his group used the phrase ‘double eagle’ for three under, which is still the term most Americans and the name for their Double Eagle Club.

Three under par is a very rare score and an albatross is a very rare bird. The exact origin is unclear but the first known reference in 1929 indicates that it had been in use for some time before then. John G Ridland, who scored an ‘albatross’ in India in 1934, theorized that it was the introduction of steel shafted clubs in 1920s which made this score achievable enough to necessitate a name for it.

Durban CC Hole 18 LDurban Country Club 18th Hole site of first recorded albatross, a hole-in-one on 271 yard par-4
The first ‘albatross’ score reported as such in the press is from South Africa when E E Wooler scored a hole-in-one in the summer of 1931 on the 18th hole of the Durban Country Club which is a par-4. It cost £40 in drinks but, had he known that he was making history, he would not have minded.

Albatross scores from some famous golfers in Golf Tournaments



William Wetere Albatross

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